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Doxycycline Hyclate Doxin 100mg

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  George D. Green photo

Four stages of this painting’s development are displayed below. Click the painting to replay the sequence.
“Astoria”  24" x 40" acrylic on birch 2012  |  larger view of this painting  |
You can also view “Marooned in Dreaming: A Path of Song and Mind” 48" x 80" acrylic on birch 2011

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When looking at these paintings it’s important to note that all of them, both past and present, are tromp l’oeil illusion. Even the wood frames and white mats are illusionistically painted.

Featured New Work

George Green artist. All of the artist's paintings, past and current, are flat. All the space is trompe l'oeil illusion. In the new pictures, even the frames and mats are painted. No matter how closely viewed, this illusion never breaks down. Web site design by Tim Liszt, Liszt Design, Claritas Consortium